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Adventure Tours

Zimbabwe Adventure tour

Immerse yourself into a country of unparalleled diversity of wildlife, amazing people and adventure of a life time. The exciting adventure tours will leave you breathless at the same time rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.

Day 1- Upon arrival at Victoria Falls Airport, a guide will meet you and transfer you to our shuttle which will take you straight to the renowned Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls

This is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world and one of the greatest attractions in Africa. Victoria Falls is located on the Zambezi River which is the fourth largest river in Africa. It also defines the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls is considered to be the largest waterfall in the world. It is also the only waterfall in the world with a length of more than a kilometer and a height of more than hundred meters. It is also known as Mosi-o-Tunya, meaning the smoke that thunders. The spray and the mist from the falling water can be seen from a distance of 50 kilometers. The noise of Victoria Falls can be heard from a distance of 40 Kms. The Falls were named after Queen Victoria by Scottish missionary and famous explorer David Livingstone.

A thrilling guided tour of the rainforest and magnificent Victoria Falls will mark the beginning of the most anticipated adventure

Tour of the rainforest and mighty Victoria Falls

A walk through the rainforest will hold many surprises for you, some of them being the spectacular 17 viewpoints that give panoramic views of the entire waterfall as well as the Vic Falls railway bridge.

Lunch will be served at In da Belly restaurant soon after the magnificent tour.

After lunch you will engage yourself in a heart throbbing bungee jump and have options to engage in other different activities as well.

Bungee jump (Extra activity)

The roaring mighty Zambezi will most definitely draw your attention as it growls beneath you as your mind buzzes with adrenaline as you take off in the epic bungee jump. This will be a magnificent 111 meters of pure adrenaline rush that tests the edge of fear.

Other Extra activities to engage in besides bungee jump include:

Walk with lions

Boat Cruise

Game Drive

Elephant Interaction

Micro-light flight

Helicopter rides

White water rafting

A well-deserved placid rest is essential after such an adrenaline filled adventure of the day.

Dinner will be served at Victoria Falls Rest Camp.

Day 2- Hwange game drive and painted dog safari

After an early breakfast at Victoria Falls Rest Camp you will set off to Hwange.

Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park is the largest natural reserve in Zimbabwe situated in the southwest of Zimbabwe between Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. It covers more than 14,600 km and is filled with large concentrations of game, a plethora of wildlife and a diverse variety of habitats.

Named after the local Nhanzwa chief, the area was inhabited by Bushmen before being designated a National Park in 1929. The park is managed by the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority and is one of the tourist resorts not only in Zimbabwe but also in the sub-Saharan region. It is famous for its wildlife diversity which includes the big five as well as its flora and fauna and is well known for its large concentrations on elephants.

Adventure at Hwange will kick off with a thrilling game drive.

Game drive

Feel the essence of a game drive in the private concessions of Hwange National Park. These will guarantee you a veritable feast for the senses, encompassing unbelievable scenery. Game drives are the best way to see the variety of wildlife and scenery of the park and they almost yield unexpected sightings, perhaps a leopard lounging in a tree. The game drive guides have trained eyes for spotting wildlife, local knowledge regarding animal identification, local history, vegetation and local culture.

After the tranquilising game drive, lunch will be served at Hwange Main Camp.

Soon after lunch there will be a painted dog safari.

Painted dog safari

This is a unique opportunity to see painted dogs. You will experience wildlife conservation at grass roots level whilst helping support the ongoing painted dog conservation. Painted dogs are unique to Africa and are amongst this continent’s most endangered species. It is estimated that a mere 3000-50000 remain. The painted dog population in Zimbabwe is one of the last strongholds of the species and the Painted dog conservation team are committed to safeguarding them.

Check in and Dinner will be at Hwange Main Camp.

Day 3- Rock climbing adventure and Khami touring experience in Bulawayo

After an early sumptuous breakfast at Hwange you will set off for Bulawayo’s renowned Matopos and Khami ruins.

The adventure of the day will start off at Matopos.

Matobo Hills

Matobo Hills were formed over 2 billion years ago from eroded granite that produced whaleback dwalas. These large boulders have been associated with early Stone Age human occupation and trace back to the history of Anglo-Ndebele conflicts. This unique topography features an outstanding collection of rock paintings. The Matopos Hills has a great deal of historical relevance in Zimbabwe.  The estate of Cecil John Rhodes was once located at Matopos Hills and his grave is at a site called World’s View, on the summit of one of the hills.

Upon arrival there will be a guided tour of Matobo hills and Rhodes Grave.

Guided tour and rock climbing at Matobo hills

You will witness the extreme beauty and magic of the Matobo hills in a mountain climbing expedition. You will also enjoy viewing the white and black rhinoceros, sable antelope, leopard and klipspringer that call this region home. Not to miss out is the Cecil John Rhodes burial site ultimately known as the ‘the world’s view’ situated at Matobo hills.

Rock climbing At Matopos will give you ultimate thrills of heights and the adrenalin-filled satisfaction of completing the climb. This climb appeals to the seasoned climber in pursuit of heart throbbing adventure.



At lunch time you will head to Bulawayo city center for a lavish meal and go to Khami for an expedition of a lifetime.

Khami Ruins guided tour

Khami Ruins is a World Heritage Site established around 1450 and abandoned in the mid-17th century. It is composed of a complex series of platforms of dry stone walls whose architectural ensemble illustrate a significant stage in history.

You will marvel at the series of terraces with ornately decorated stone walls. You will visit the small on-site museum to gather some background information on the smaller terraces which once housed clay huts for the state officials and the open areas which were reserved for commoners.


Dinner will be served at an accommodation facility in Bulawayo after an audacious adventure experience at Khami and Matopos.

Day 4– Antelope Park

After being served breakfast, you will head to Gweru- Antelope Park

Antelope Park is a unique game reserve and a haven of tranquility set in the African bush, welcoming guests and volunteer eco-tourists alike to the charming and remarkable camp site. It is the ideal stopover for anyone looking for a truly unique experience walking side by side with lions and enjoying a ride on the back of the ginormous elephants.



Walk with lions                                                                                           

This is an up close and personal interaction with the largest cat in Africa. You will experience a walk on the wild side with the kings of the jungle, an experience like no other and a bucket list activity which cannot definitely be missed. Nerves are to be expected but by the end of the walk you will feel like part of the pride and be left with a memory you will never forget.

After such a nerve wrecking but thrilling encounter with lions, lunch will be served then you will engage yourself in an unforgettable elephant back ride.

Elephant Back Ride (Extra Activity)

You will definitely fall in love with the gentle giants of Africa during an unforgettable elephant encounter at Antelope Park. Riding on one of these magnificent animals is a unique adventure experience one can ever imagine and it gives you a ride on nature’s very own four-wheel drive.


Dinner will be served at Antelope Park’s main camp dining area.


After such an eventful day the night will be spent at Antelope Park Campsite giving you a truly immersive outdoor adventure experience.


You will realize that a camping safari is a truly immersive African experience that brings the wildlife of Africa all the way to your doorstep. There is no better way to connect with the bush than by making camp and falling asleep under the star-studded sky. Antelope park camping site brings you closer to Mother Africa and gives you an experience of a lifetime.

Day 5- The adventure comes to a halt and you head to Harare with fond memories.