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One Day Excursions

Hippo Pools Detailed Itinerary: 1day tour

Hippo Pools

Located just 135 km out of Harare, Hippo Pools is a recommended wilderness retreat which lies within Umfurudzi National Park. Maintaining all that is wild, the natural environment offers a taste of the great outdoors. It is a great place to visit when all you desire is some peace. It offers a relaxing convenient excursion to one of Zimbabwe’s gem. It is home to a diverse variety of wildlife, bird, plant and tree species.

Day 1– You will depart from Harare early in the morning and arrive at Hippo pools mid-morning

Upon arrival you will take a short rest as you prepare yourself for the first activity of the day

The first activity you will engage in is a guided walk at Garura Wildlife Park

Guided walk

A knowledgeable guide will take you on an unforgettable experience through the Garura Wildlife Park in Hippo Pools, a journey that provides a great deal of interesting facts about the geology and wildlife. You will experience the thrill of walking through the bush as you learn how to read animal tracks.

Lunch will be served at a restaurant in Hippo Pools

After lunch, you will go for canoeing and fishing


By taking a canoe trip you will get a chance to experience all the stunning and charming expeditions Mazowe River has to offer. You will get the opportunity to paddle down the Mazowe River, the playing ground of hippos and crocodiles as you enjoy the turbulence of the more placid rapids.


Hippo Pools has some spots perfect for fishing. Hippo Pools itself is surrounded by a game park which is quite idealistic in allowing one to enjoy fishing and observing a multitude of game at the same time.

After the epic river adventures of the day, the getaway at Hippo Pools comes to an end

You will then depart from Hippo Pools back to Harare.


Nyanga Detailed Itinerary- 1 day excursion


Nyanga has eminently been regarded as a place of great natural beauty. Nyanga is primarily a popular tourist destination with notable golf courses, fishing, mountain hikes and holiday resorts. Located in Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands Region, Nyanga boasts the highest mountain range in the country. Mount Nyangani’s highest peak reaches approximately 2,600 meters above sea level. Nyanga is also home to the remarkable Mutarazi Falls. They are the highest waterfall in the country, cascading about 760 meters from top to bottom. Nyanga also boasts Nyanga National Park situated in one of the most scenic areas. It is a very peaceful gate away for the discerning holiday maker with rolling green hills, perennial rivers and mountaneous terrains which inspire the hiker.

Nyanga Day 1- Departure from Harare to Nyanga

The tour will commence by witnessing the beautiful waterfall of Mutarazi Falls.

Administrated jointly with Nyanga Nationa Park, Mutarazi Falls is the highest waterfall in Zimbabwe, the second highest in Africa and the sixth in the world with a 762 m tiered horsetail waterfall. The falls are a heart stopping sight as they flow over the edge of the eastern escarpment of Zimbabwe’s highlands and are generally viewed by visitors from the top.

You will get an opportunity to test your levels of fear of heights and get an adrenaline rush filled adventure in a skywalk. This will also be the most perfect way to view the waterfall.

However, sky walking is not for the faint hearted hence you will have numerous other options of activities to choose from.

Extra activities

Guided birding and forest trails


Fly fishing


Giant Swing

Lunch will be served at a local restaurant or you will have a braai and some refreshments.

After Lunch you will go for a hiking expedition at Mount Nyangani

Mount Nyangani

Mount Nyangani is highest mountain in Zimbabwe with a height of 2,592m. It is a great place to see wildlife and equally breathtaking views. The climb will be a worthy exercise as you get to see all the amazing panoramic views the mountain has to offer.



The world’s view

A must visit is also the world’s view, the highest point in the country. From an altitude of 2000m the escarpment drops 600m to the plain below, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

After such an exhausting yet exhilarating adventure at Nyanga, your tour comes to an end.

You return to Harare.

The Nyanga trip can however be extended to a weekend getaway or more days according to your preferences.                                                                                                




Thetford Game Park Detailed Itinerary- 1 day excursion

Thertford Game Park

Only 30 kilometers from Harare, Thetford is a gem offering incredible experience. It provides a valuable privately funded conservation area with a safe environment for animal breeding. It is home to close to 900 individual resident animals from various species. It is also a haven for over 150 migratory bird species. Thetford Game Park is a photographer’s paradise, the flora and fauna is fascinating and diverse. Situated in the Mazowe Valley, it has spectacular views over Lake Mazowe. There are numerous activities including feeding programmes for endangered wildlife. There are unbelievable scenes of granite kopjes, bushveld and forest. There is an abundance of zebra, tsessebe, buffalo, white rhino, giraffe, waterbuck, impala, blesbok, roan, duiker and sable.

Day 1– Departure from Harare to Thetford Game Reserve in Christonbank, Mazowe.

Upon arrival at Thetford Game Reserve, a guide will meet you and give you a brief explanation of the place.

You will then engage in a scenic game drive with professional and knowledgeable friendly guides.

Game Drive

A game drive at Thetford Game Park offers a whole new dimension to a safari by allowing visitors to experience mysteries of the bush while getting up close with the white rhino, sable, duiker, giraffe, buffalo, tsessebe, roan, blesbok, zebra, impala and waterbuck. An experienced guide will take you through the drive as you get to enjoy the scenic views and learn more about the local fauna and flora.

Lunch will be served then soon after you will go for horse riding.

Horse riding

Horse riding at Thetford is truly thrilling and utterly luxurious. The ride can be slow and technical, negotiating through the rough terrain. There are rides for the daring and confident riders and there is also room for less experienced riders. Most people are accustomed to game drives but what could be more amazing than getting up close and personal with wildlife from the back of a horse.

Soon after the exhilarating horse ride, you go for fishing.


Thetford is without a doubt one of the magnificent places for fishing. As you cast out your fishing line you can have amazing views of fascinating flora as well as plenty of waterbucks grazing on the lush growth along the waterline and in the clear unpolluted waters. You simply can’t go wrong with fishing at Thetford Game Park.

To sum up events of Thetford getaway, you will have an option to go for picnicking.


Thetford Game Park offers picnic facilities for individuals and groups and has the makings of a romantic hideaway as well. The environment is peaceful, the lush greenery, well-manicured lawns and impressive landscaping are very therapeutic and pleasing to the eye. This is a tranquil place, a true nature retreat where you will relax, enjoy the fresh air, stretch legs and be far from the hectic city life.

The getaway comes to an end, you head back to Harare