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Regional Tours

The Detailed Itenaries

Cape Town Detailed Itinerary 4 Days/3 Nights

Cape Town

Cape Town is a coastal city in South Africa. It is the capital and primate city of the Western Cape Province which forms part of the city of Cape Town metropolitan municipality. With a diversity of cultures, cuisines and landscapes, there is nowhere quite like Cape Town. It is crowned by the magnificent Table Mountains, is complimented by pristine beaches and has a cool urban edge too. It has a host of excellent art galleries, hip bars, world-rated restaurants, design-savvy shops, and it is home to Africa’s innovative artists and designers drawn by the city’s innate beauty.

Day 1- Departure from Robert Mugabe International Airport

You will depart from Robert Mugabe International airport and board a flight to Cape Town, South Africa. Upon arrival at Cape Town International Airport a guide will meet you and transfer you to a local accommodation facility for check in.

To kick start the Cape Town expedition soon after check in, you will head off straight to the iconic Table Mountain, a place full of surprises waiting to be discovered where you will take part in an aerial cable ride.

Table Mountain

The Table Mountain hides many surprises that wait to be discovered. It is a flat-topped mountain forming a prominent landmark overlooking the city of Cape Town. It also forms part of the Table Mountain National Park which hosts a large array and plethora of endemic fauna and flora. It is a significant tourist attraction, with many visitors using the cableway to view the top or simply engaging in a hiking trail. Flanked by the devil’s Peak (part of the mountainous backdrop) and Lion’s Head (a free standing peak), Table Mountain makes up the northern end of the Cape Fold Mountain range. It’s hard to imagine, but the mountain’s distinctive flat top, a three-kilometer level plateau was once the bottom of a valley.

Table mountain aerial cableway

The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway is a cable car transportation system offering visitors a five-minute ride to the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

You will enjoy taking pictures down the ragged cliffs. You will get a chance to spot dassies and also get an opportunity to buy souvenirs at the shop at the top and enjoy lunch at the Table Mountain café.

Dinner will be served at a local restaurant.

Day 2

After being served breakfast you will make your way to Camps Bay.

Camps Bay

Just 10 minutes away from central Cape Town is the beautiful enclave of Camps Bay. It draws crowds to the Camps Bay beach, famous for its fine white sand and natural rock swimming pool. Camps Bay beckons with dozens of hiking trails, beachfront restaurants and the beautiful white sand beaches.

You will go for a beach stroll where you will most definitely get mesmerized with the scenery and tranquil water of Camps Bay. You will also have an opportunity to cool off in the soothing clear water.

You will have lunch at a local restaurant in Camps Bay.

Soon after lunch you will go for shopping at Camps Bay African craft market.

You will find it very difficult not to take something home to remind you of your stay in Cape Town. This market is one of the most stunning open- air markets where you will find beaded jewellery, curios, masks, sculptures, leather crafts and handmade African creations

Dinner will be served.

Day 3

After breakfast you will set off to two oceans aquarium.

Two oceans aquarium

Two oceans aquarium provides a fascinating and close up glimpse below the surface of the oceans that surround the South African coastline. The aquarium holds wondrous discoveries. You will see different species of sharks, jelly fish, eels, seahorse, crabs and a dazzling array of Indian Ocean fish.

Lunch will be served at a local restaurant

After being served lunch you will get in a boat cruise and head off to Robben Island.

Robben Island

You will visit Robben Island which is famous for being the holding place for the imprisoned Nelson Mandela for 27 years. It has housed a hospital, mental institution, leper colony and military base during its rich history. Its buildings, particularly those of the late 20th century such as the maximum security prison for political prisoners, witness the triumph of democracy and freedom over oppression and racism.

You will have lunch at the Island

Soon after the Robben Island tour you will head back to your accommodation facility were dinner will be served

Day 4 (End of tour)

Breakfast will be served and you will head off to the airport.

Durban Detailed Itinerary 4 days/3 nights


Durban is the largest city in the South African province of Kwazulu-Natal. Located on the east coast of South Africa, it is one of the country’s major centers of tourism and the busiest port in South Africa. A blend of cultures, sunny beaches, fascinating Afro-Indian culture and architecture makes Durban unique in South Africa. Due to its blend of natural beauty, it is a destination for surfers, families and fisherman.

Day 1– You will depart from Robert Mugabe International Airport

Upon arrival at King Shaka International Airport, you will be transferred to an accommodation facility booked for you for check in.

You will then go to Ushaka marine world for an epic experience at “wet and wild” and “sea world”.

Ushaka Marine

Located in Durban, South Africa, Ushaka Marine World is a world-class tourism destination offering a variety of entertainment, uniqueness, excitement and fun. From the day time operations of Sea World, wet and Wild, Ushaka beach to the night time festivities of the village, entertainment is non-stop at Ushaka Marine World. The park is themed with a focus on family entertainment in terms of fun, excitement, friendliness, imagery, activities, education and unique experiences, grouped into five distinct areas; treasure world, sea world, dolphin world, beach world and wet and wild world.

At Ushaka marine you will engage yourself in activities at sea world.

Sea World

At UShaka Marine World, it really is an adventure, with dolphin shows, seal shows, penguin presentations, shark dives, ray feeds and so much more! Sea world is home to an underground aquarium which is the largest in the world. It is designed around five shipwrecks with its entrance through the above ground “phantom ship” which contains several restaurants.

The next activities will be at Wet and Wild

Wet and Wild

Wet and wild offers exhilarating fun and safe entertainment for the whole family. This is a place where the wild at heart are set free to experience adrenaline pumping action with high speed chutes. Those less adventurers can sunbathe on the sandy beach, grass or decks

Lunch will be served at a local restaurant at Ushaka marine world.

Dinner will be served back at your accommodation facility.

Day 2

A healthy breakfast will be served as you as you prepare yourself for Moses Mabhidha Stadium activities and the beach front.


Moses Mabhidha Stadium

The Moses Mabhida Stadium has a whole range of activities ranging from a basic tour of the Stadium to bungee jumping, Arche swinging, and much more.

You will have a tour of the stadium then catch a lift in the exhilarating sky car

Sky car

This is a thrilling ride to the top of the Moses Mabhidha stadium, every individual will love. This ride gives you an opportunity to discover Durban from a 106 m high vantage point. For the best scenery views, this is a must see attraction for everyone.

You will then head to the Durban Beach front. You will stop for a quick lunch break at a local restaurant.

Durban Beach Front (Bay of Plenty)

A holiday in Durban will not be complete without going to the beach.

The Bay of plenty is situated in the center of the beachfront with high-rise resorts and apartments taking advantage of the spectacular sea view. The Bay of Plenty is definitely the location for several global surfing and beach volleyball. This provides the perfect opportunity to unwind and enjoy yourself among the most stunning coastlines.

Dinner will be served back at your Accommodation facility.

Day 3

Breakfast will be served then you embark on a shopping spree at Pavilion shopping mall.

Pavilion shopping mall

The Pavilion Shopping Centre is situated in Westville Durban some, 20 kilometers away from the buzzing city Centre. This mall is filled with a delightful variety of convenience stores, boutiques, specialty shops and entertainment facilities. It has 40 family oriented eateries and excellent coffee shops. There are wonderful amenities that make the Pavilion ideal for just about any shopping experience. Parents can enjoy some solo shopping whilst the kids occupy themselves at an amusement park.

The day will be spent relaxing, eating and shopping at the Pavilion shopping mall.

Day 4

This marks the end of the Durban experience

Return flights from King Shaka International Airport.




Seychelles detailed itinerary- 4 Days/ 3 nights


Seychelles is an archipelago country in the Indian Ocean. Dreams of a tropical paradise become a reality in the Seychelles. The Seychelles are a group of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean with only a few inhabited that lie off the coast of East Africa. Its capital, Victoria is situated on the island of Mahe. The island of Mahe has a sublime laid-back tempo with an amazing beach.

Day 1– You will depart from Robert Mugabe International Airport.

Upon arrival at Sychelles International airport, you will be transferred to Chrisent Residence for check in

Thereafter you will take an Island stroll to familiarize yourself with the place at Grand Anse Beach

Some swimming and sun bathing will give you a refreshing start in Seychelles.

Grande Anse beach

Grand Anse is one of the longest beaches on Mahe Island. This sprawling bay is incredibly beautiful, with excellent sand and a gorgeous turquoise ocean. The beach itself offers a lot of space for relaxation, sunbathing, family games, strolls along the sand, and much more besides. The water can be deep, but is still suitable for confident swimmers and surfing.

Meals will be served at a Local restaurant.

Day 2

After breakfast you will head to Mahe Botanical gardens where you will interact with giant tortoises and marvel at the mesmerizing flora.

Mahe botanical gardens

For people with a love of nature, the Mahe Botanical Garden is a must see place. The vibrant flora housed within the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens provides a pop of color to a vacation mostly spent on white sand. In addition to the towering palm, spice and fruit trees, you are bound to come across animals like giant tortoises and bat colonies, it is a paradise of giant tortoises. This is one of the places to relax in Mahe.

You will then engage yourself in a boat charter.

Boat Charter

Mahe in Seychelles is an impressive destination for a yacht charter, with gorgeous tropical islands, sandy beaches and imposing granite rocks polished by the relentless waves of the Indian Ocean. It is known for giant palm trees and the famous coco de mer coconuts and white sand beaches. Seychelles is one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet and is where Dream Yacht Charter began

Meals will be served at a local restaurant

Day 3

Breakfast will be served

A bit of shopping will give a glow to the day at Camion Hall.

Camion Hall

Due to its rich cultural background, the Seychelles is a shopper’s paradise if you are looking for indigenous souvenirs and authentic artifacts. Of course the best place to shop is the capital of Victoria on Mahé Island.
You will head to this shopping mall right in the centre of Mahe for creative and interesting locally made arts and crafts. Camion Hall houses some of the best local artwork and there is something for everyone’s price range. Local artwork is what makes this place a must visit.

Lunch will be served at a local restaurant

Swimming in the tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean will be a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Some sun bathing and beach stroll will also be perfect for the afternoon.

Dinner will be served.

Day 4

You will enjoy a healthy breakfast as you prepare for your journey back.

Flight back (end of tour).


Vilanculos Tour (Mozambique) 4 Days/ 3 nights

Located on the Indian Ocean Coast of Southern Africa, Mozambique is a country rich in natural resources. It is culturally diverse and has a tropical climate. The country’s white sand tropical beaches are an important attraction. Mozambique boasts Vilanculos as its main holiday destination. Named after local tribal chief Gamela Vilankulo Mukoke, Vilanculos is widely known for its majestic white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, laidback atmosphere and fantastic accommodation options. It is a haven for adventure activities and water sports.

Day 1- You will depart from Robert Mugabe International Airport

Upon arrival at Vilankulo airport, you will be transferred from the airport to a local accommodation facility in Vilanculos.

A stroll along the beach will help you familiarize with the resort, hence will mark the first activity.

Beach stroll

Vilanculos beach is absolutely stunning with so much to see and enjoy watching, just by taking a simple stroll along the beach. The beautiful Bazaruto Archipelago islands can be admired in the distance whilst taking a glimpse at the most adorable sea shells. You may also spot a few fishermen on their dhow boats and a few mini shipwrecks which immediately creates a real rustic feel to the old town that dates as far back as the 16th century.

Any holiday on the beach should be accompanied by a beautiful golden tan.

The next activity for the day will be sunbathing, a perfect way to enjoy a warm summer, bright sun on a beautiful sandy beach.

Swimming will also mark an interesting activity for the day in the tranquil waters of Vilanculos.

Lunch and Dinner will be served at a local restaurant.

Day 2

After being served breakfast, there will be a boat cruise with sail away dhow safari.

You will experience one of the oldest ways of traversing the Mozambique coast in a dhow, a traditional Arabian boat. This is the perfect opportunity to explore the local area but with a difference. You will be amazed at the sheer amount of marine life to be spotted. There is no better way to discover the beautiful beaches as well as the remote and uninhabited Bazaruto Island. You will witness spectacular dunes and have snorkeling opportunities.

The cruise is most likely to take 8 hours, hence lunch and snacks will be served on board.

The day gets summarized with dinner back at your accommodation facility.

Day 3

Breakfast will be served and a tour of Machilla magic art gallery will be up next.


Machilla Magic Art Gallery

This is the best and biggest gallery in Vilankulos, where you can find out all about the Mozambiquan culture. You will have an opportunity to buy pieces of unique handmade art at Machilla magic. You will also have the opportunity to browse through the plethora of bags, baskets, hats, clothing, wood carvings and various other arts and crafts made from sustainable materials. It’s worth taking a trip down to the market as this cultural hub is always a hive of activity, and you’ll get a feel for the real Mozambique.

After the Machilla magic art gallery tour, you can choose to partake in kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing (Extra activity)

Vilanculos is the perfect place to learn to kite surf in the shallow waters, with a nice steady wind and a pretty much crowd-free environment. If you’re up for a kite safari this is the place to be as dolphins, rays and even whale sharks are commonly sighted. You will learn how to set up an inflatable kite, safely launch and land, body dragging and how to interpret the wind.

After such an eventful day dinner will be served at a local restaurant

Day 4

Breakfast will be served and you will be transferred to the airport as the holiday comes to an end.          


Zanzibar tour (Tanzania) 4days/3nights

The beautiful island of Zanzibar is located on Africa’s east coast shores of Tanzania. It is awash with intriguing beach experiences, culture and amazing historical experiences. The white sand beaches make Zanzibar a fabulous place to explore as well as relax and unwind. Besides the magnificent beaches, it boasts Stone Town, a world heritage site and Prison Island a place of historical significance.

Day 1– You will depart from Robert Mugabe International Airport.

Upon arrival at Abeid Amani Karume International Airport you will be transferred to Kiwengwa where you will check in at Sipano Beach Lodge.

To help you familiarize with the resort you will start off with a stroll along the beach.

Beach stroll

This will be the perfect opportunity for you to get acquainted and accustomed to the serene environment. The white sand, aqua water and beautiful views will be sure to capture your attention.


Sunbathing will give you a perfect body tan whilst enjoying the bright sun, warm summer and beautiful white Kiwengwa sandy beach.

Dinner will be served at Sipano beach lodge

Day 2

After a luxurious breakfast you will set off for a city tour in Stonetown  


Built with coral stone, Stone town will give you the opportunity to explore the unique architectural styles. These are mixtures and combinations of African, Indian, Arabic, European and Persian styles. You will be totally immersed in a city livened up with blended cultures, rich heritage and a lively history.

You will be transferred by a boat to the historic Prison Island for the next tour.

Prison Island

Just off the coast of Stone Town, you will find Prison Island, also known as Changuu Island. This is a place with a sad history where slaves were detained and also served as a quarantine. It is a worthy visit as the island also boasts a nature reserve with an abundance of wildlife and the famous Aldabra giant tortoise as well as a collection of wonderful creatures that are over 10 years old.

After such a tremendous and event filled day, a sapid dinner will be served and a much needed rest will be at Sipano Beach Lodge.

Day 3

Breakfast will be served and you will set off for a thrilling kite-surfing experience


Kite surfing (Extra activity)

Zanzibar’s blue lagoon along with the constant and stable wind from the Indian Ocean is a real paradise for kite surfers. You will engage yourself in an exhilarating ride in the air. It is also a perfect opportunity for those who cannot surf to learn and enjoy thrilling rides along the waves

You will enjoy the rest of the afternoon admiring the surrounding coral reefs and turquoise water lapping brilliant white sands.

Day 4

Breakfast will be served, the Zanzibar holiday comes to an end and you will be transferred to the airport.